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Installation tips of wall mounted boilers
VIEW:1870 Date:2014-7-15 18:13:31
Gas heating water heaters were under the unified installation by many developers when they firstly  entered China, but with the popularity of them, more and more users began to purchase and install them by themselves. The following installation tips are provided by ARCIO.
Install a small common sense.
1. the installation site
Because the boilers use gas as the energy, so they are often installed in the kitchen. It is recommended that the users should install them in the north balcony or kitchen, facilitating the installation of fan and the waste emissions. The bath is not recommended so as to prevent the damp air inside the bathroom from corroding the machine.
2. two ways of installation
one is the sub-water catcher installation. Construct before the renovation of house, dug trenches on the ground and bury the heating pipeline. After the completion of housing renovation, install the boiler and radiator. The other is the welding of exposed pipe for houses that have been renovated.
3. the installation program
The wall mounted boiler plays the role of heating through connecting the radiator and the ground heating. For the decoration of new houses , the drilling, pipe connection and other procedures need to be carried out during the decoration process, while the installation of wall mounted gas boilers can be carried out  after the decoration. 
4.installation principles
The installation of wall mounted boilers should conform to five principles-- “near, dry, complete, oblique, fine”.
Near, the closer the boiler to the heating system, air source, water source, power suppl and exhaust outlet , the better.
Dry, a well ventilated and dry location.
Complete, the accessories of the boiler have to be complete for optimum operation, such as indoor temperature controller,  tap water pressure reducing valve, gas filter and water filter.
Oblique,  the inclination of the installation of chimney has to be within 5  to ensure that the rain water or condensation water can pour into the boiler.
Fine,  the installation materials have to be qualified,  inferior pipe, valves and pipe fittings must be avoided.

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