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Scientific cleaning is the best way to improve the heating efficiency of wall mounted boilers
VIEW:2164 Date:2014-7-15 18:17:06

A regular cleaning and maintenance of heat exchanger tube is necessary, not only can increase the service life of the boiler, but also can save energy and reduce consumption. It is an important link to promote the healthy and sustainable development of wall mounted boiler industry.
In recent years, wall mounted gas boiler is frequently used in the household heating and water supply, especially in the radiant floor heating, and has stepped in the trail of rapid development. The potential and space in the future are still on the rise. It is characterized by independent control, safety, environmental protection, energy-saving and multipurpose. In addition, it is useful to have it often cleaned. The failure to give it a regular cleaning will cause some damage to itself, so clearing it often can play the role of protection. 
After hanging furnace using a few years, because of water and other reasons, the inner ring in the copper tube fouling is more serious, resulting in poor water, heat exchange efficiency is reduced obviously, jams the wall hanging furnace can not use. According to the water quality in our country is different, the general hanging furnace using about 5 years will appear afore-mentioned circumstances, some even shorter time. In order to keep the wall mounted gas boiler heat efficiency and to improve its service life, regular on the wall hanging furnace liner tube heat exchanger cleaning maintenance scientifically and reasonably is absolutely necessary and is the only way.
After the boiler has been used for several years, a serious fouling will ensue because of water and other reasons, resulting in the inhibited water and the obvious reduced heat exchange efficiency, some even   can not work. Generally, the afore-mentioned circumstances will occur in 5 years or so according to the different water qualities in our country, and even in a shorter time. In order to keep the heat transfer efficiency and improve its service life, a regular scientific and reasonable cleaning and maintenance is absolutely necessary and is the only way.

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