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Safety considerations in cb
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 With the continuous progress of heating technology, wall mounted boilers that are energy-saving and convenient have gradually occupied the tens of thousands of households. It uses highly efficient diverse protection systems, so if the fire failure occurs three times, it can automatically command itself. Then, what other problems can occur when the boiler is in use? The answer is sure.
First of all, being left unused for long is one of the hidden dangers.
In the cold winter, as temperatures decline drastically, the cold climate will lead to the frozen of the circulation system of a part of the water area of the boilers. Some citizens open the valve privately and put the boiler into use in the absence of systematic examination, resulting in the expansion of some parts of the boilers , and sometimes explosion can even take place.
Then, the frost of water system is another one of the hidden dangers.
The case tells us: in the case of the explosion of wall mounted boilers , the biggest factor is the frost of circulation system of part of the water. Some people ask: Why the system will get frozen? Isn’t it equipped with automatic anti-freezing function?
There is only one reason: it may be due to the long-time power failure of this land parcel, plus the cold weather that lead to the thaw of the boiler in a short time, and finally result in the explosion.
To sum up, the continuous development of wall mounted boilers have greatly facilitated people’s daily life. While we enjoy the warm and comfort high-tech brings us, we must respect the science, follow the science and can never go against it.
Only under the support of the professional construction team can the faults of the boilers be got rid of, keeping people away from danger. Therefore, users must examine carefully before using the boiler since it is quite dangerous through use of natural gas.

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