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The necessity of self-heating boiler’s replacement of the heating installation
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In the cold winter, heating equipment is the essential for every family. From the wood and charcoal fire heating in ancient times to the heating nowadays, heating is indispensable. Of course, with the development of science and technology, more and more advanced technology have been brought into the country, the way of heating is also changing. Nowadays, more and more self heating modes have gradually replaced the central heating. The following covers the necessity of self heating boiler’s replacement of central heating.
First of all, the time of central heating changes with the different regions, which remains a great limit. The climate in different years is not the same, and the time when coldness arrives is not the same every year, either, but people have to wait until the heating time comes when they can enjoy the warmth. The heating wall mounted boiler is free from such problem. People can enjoy warmth in their home at any time. 
Secondly, it is very cold in the north in winter, so the government will firstly solve the heating problem of the north. Each family has the central heating to meet their demand. However, in the central or south  area of China, there is no central heating, and often the weather there is as cold as that in the north. People can only choose to bear in the past, but now their living standards have been improved , so the self heating wall mounted boilers slowly flourish.
And then, the biggest advantage of self heating boiler compared with central heating is energy-saving.  A lot of energy is wasted in the pipeline of the central heating while, self heating boiler is rather efficient. Besides, it is much cheap. Of course, if you use the imported boiler brand, then the heating costs will be further reduced..
Finally, compared with the central heating, environmental protection is also an important feature of the heating boiler. Using the clean natural gas as the energy source, the boiler is not like like the central heating that causes serious atmospheric pollution and produces many waste residues difficult to deal with, which conforms to the policies of making great efforts to control the environmental pollution, providing the policy basis for the development of self heating wall mounted boilers.
 From the above, it is self-evident that the wall mounted boiler is bounded to be widely used in our country, and it will soon replace the central heating..

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